Ultra Light Mountain Flight In Pokhara

This is another exhilarating alternative for those who wish to get closest to the nature. The flight offers three options –a fifteen minutes Fly for Fun (takes you to the altitude of 5,000 feet around Sarangkot and costs 5750 Rs), a thirty minutes Touch the Fish Tail (takes near the Machhapuchhare or Fish Tail mountain and costs 9000 Rs.) and an hour Mountain Range Sky Range (takes you to the altitude of 12,000 feet around the Annapurna range and costs 16700 Rs.).

Besides the direct costs, an additional fee of rupees 1,000 (approx. 10 Euro) will be charged, if you wish to take photos from the cameras fixed to the wings. NPR 170 (around 1.5 euro) is charged as the airport tax.


The Pokhara Valley – one of the most picturesque and polpular tourist spots of Nepal, is adorned by its lovely Phewa, Begnas, and Rupa lakes. Situated at mere 200 kilometers west of Kathmandu, Pokhara is well connected by air or by bus from Kathmandu and Bhairahawa – a border town near India. This marvelous valley is treasure of nature’s wonders. Beautiful lakes known as “taal” in Nepali that offers fishing and boating and magnificent mountains like Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Manaslu (8, 128m), Macpuchhre (6,997m), the five peaks of Annapurna and others are Pokhara’s pride.

Mountain views can be more spectacular than one envisions. The still waters mirroring the enormous mountains are some of the features of this place. Pokhara has pleasant climate with its lake waters generally warm and ideal for swimming. Lakeside, the most sought after site of the city is one of its kinds. The well lit shops around Lakeside are illumined like Christmas tree and it is worth spending at least an evening at this fantastic place.

The mountains viewd are:

Dhaulagiri                   (26,795 ft; 8,167m)
Annapurna I                (26,545 ft; 8,091m)
Machhapuchhare        (22,956 ft; 6,997m)
Annapurna III              (24,787 ft; 7,555m)
Annapurna IV              (24,688 ft; 7,525m)
Annapurna II               (26,041 ft; 7,937m)
Lamjung Himal           (22,909 ft; 6,982m)

Pokhara’s proximity to the mountains and scenic lakes of the region makes it an ideal place for the ultralight base.

Various flight durations starting from 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes are available to quench our flying thirst. However there are some massive requirements to go for this lifetime experience and for that you simply have to leave your woes behind on earth, soar to the heights, bathe in the clouds, reach out for the mountains and kiss the azure sky. The spectacular view from high up there will make you easily let go everything for a while.

Since Pokhara is the starting point for classic routes like the Jomsom trail, it has become an ideal stopover for the trekkers for a lazy recuperation after the three-week Annapurna Circuit.

And it doesn’t disappoint the non-trekkers either. The valley offers mountain views and glimpses of rural Nepali life going far beyond those of the Kathmandu Valley. In brief, let’s say Pokhara  is a wonderfully relaxing place something spectacular to offer to all its aficionados.


Glory of Mt. Fishtail
Price: $160.00 (30 min. flight)

Quick Overview

This flight is of a medium duration, brings you slightly higher and farther.  You’ll fly over the Tibetan refugee camp and as far as Lamachour, on the northern part of the valley. You almost want to touch as you are taken closer to Machchhapuchchhre also known as Fish Tail Mountain and it’s actually possible with the speed of 90 km/hr.  The view is simply magical.

Many people often confess after their flights that they terribly regret for not opting for a satisfying 1 hour flight as the shorter ones only left them asking for more.

 Trip Details

This exhilarating flight surpasses all the other flights. Imagine 30 minutes soaring through the sky over and around the Pokhara Valley! Flying over the Tibetan refugee camp and as far as Lamachour, on the northern part of the valley and beautiful Fewa lake and other interesting sights underneath, its all worth the experience. You shouldn’t think twice to capture all of your flight memories with your camera and where there will be no window impairing your view or your camera’s view.

This flight takes you close to the Mount Fishtail (Mt. Machhapuchhre) foothills with the speed of approximately 90 km/hr.  The views are simply superb and the flight leaves you thrilled like never before.

This flight is best suitable for travelers who want the best of both worlds; balancing cost with duration.

Airport Tax:  NPR 200 (Nepali Rupees), charged at the airport.
(Please Note: The above cost is subject to change without prior notice)
Mountain Range Sky Trek

Price: $255.00 (60 min. flight)

Quick Overview

It is one more memorable gift to yourself while in Nepal.  This flight covers the whole Annapurna range with the speed of 90 km/hr to 130 km/hr and the altitude of 12,000 ft.

This absolutely astonishing flight is a must if you are looking for something to cherish for lifetime.

Trip Details

Pokhara is again the most ideal place to take this hour long flight.  You can fly above and around the city, through the valley and eventually make your way to the edges of Mt. Fishtail (or Mt. Machhapuchhre).  This flight will get you so close to the mountain you would want to believe that you could practically stretch out your arms and wipe the snow off the peak with your hand. During the flight, you can closely observe four of Nepal’s nine highest peaks including Annapurna 1, Annapurna 2, Dhaulagiri, and Manasalu.  These are all over the 7900 meter high.

The Mountain Range Sky Trek is a unique and unforgettable experience and will add values to your travel memories in Nepal.  This flight offers a great overview of the Annapurna Range with speeds ranging from 90 km/hr to 130 km/hr and the highest altitude of 12,000 ft.  This relaxing and invigorating flight is a high recommendation by the previous flyers.

This flight also perfectly fits those who seek the ultimate adventure and adrenaline thrill. Its also becoming a popular option for aspiring and professional photographers to get closest to the mountains, that’s not achievable during trekking.

Airport Tax: NPR 200 (Nepali Rupees), charged at the airport.
(Please Note: The above cost is subject to change without prior notice)

Into The Heart of the Mountain

Price: $375.00 (90 mins. flight)

How about a flight on a fixed wing Ultralight?  Our A-22 is most perfect for flying to places comfortably where our microlights simply can’t.

Trip Details
Even though our A-22 is available for the most chosen 30min and 60min flights, it’s best to opt for the 90min “Into the heart of the mountain” flight which takes you even deeper and closer to the Himalayan giants without having to comprise on the time to relax and take in the thrill.
Hovering above the remote mountain villages and being surrounded by the mountains that once looked so far are some of the relishes of this flight. The flight far less comparable to the mountain flight as you solely share the airspace with the pilot and the mountains. Your view is completely undisturbed, making every moment a true bliss that you want to remember and retell back home.

Airport Tax: NPR 200 (Nepali Rupees), charged at the airport.
(Please Note: The above cost is subject to change without prior notice)

What makes Nepal the most ideal place for air adventure lovers are the facts that one can fly ten months round the year and in minutes you are taken high above from lowlands to the magnificent snow capped Himalayas.  These are carefully designed programs to best suit the Paragliding and Ultralight flying experience along with local sightseeing of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

If you are considering visiting Nepal, you can’t afford to pass on this opportunity to embrace the spectacular mountainous country’s open sky!

It’s guaranteed to give you an experience that will be treasured in your proud adventure list for the rest of your life.

Avia Club Nepal offers you skydiving service in Pokhara Nepal.  Professionally trained skydivers can skydive from our open Ultralight aircraft. The flight for sky diving trip is done in a regular ultralight flight and when the aircraft attains the optimal height, around 10,000 feet, the divers can make a several seconds long free fall from the aircraft before hanging on to their parachutes.

Skydiving over Pokhara
Alexander Havard, 40, was the first person to skydive over Pokhara. He jumped off from 8,000 ft altitude and got landed at Khapaudi near Lakeside. Since then, this ultimate adventure sport has become a perfect thrill for the adrenaline junkies.

Para motoring is the most accessible form of powered flight. Paramotor is a power unit that pilot wears on his back. It been engineered to convert paraglider’s wings to powered paragliders (PPG’s).  This personal aircraft requires minimal training required by the aviation standards.

Paramotoring has literally geared up in the last two years.  Many adventurous paraglider pilots are now turning to paramotoring for the increased air time and be a part of new adventures.  Some paramotor pilots prefer to fly at high altitude where the clouds are underneath.

Here, Avia Club Nepal, one can enjoy all types of paramotoring: from tracing the local rivers along the valley to climbing up over the highest peaks, these are the little thrills that one can expect during the flight.

If you are a professional Paramotor pilot looking to upgrade previous flying experience by flying in the magnificent weather and spectacular scenes of the unique terrains of Nepal, you can hire Paramotors in Avia Club Nepal.  The company will help you to process and obtain a flying permit and other necessary logistics to make your flight in the Himalayas as a mega event of your life.

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