In the Annapurna range, embedded is Tilicho Lake, at an elevation of 4949 m, makes this the highest lake in the world. It stretches out about 4 Km long and about 1 km wide along with the long wall of rock, ice and snow. The route crosses three 5000 m passes and the trail itself is infrequently used and traverses one of the most difficult terrains including steep, unstable scree slopes. This side trip gives you a good acclimatization for crossing the Thorang La. It is an area of rough, rugged and wild beauty. The southern shore is a glacial wall pushing in from the south, while a segment of the north shore is a magnificent sheer cliff. Once tourism becomes more sophisticated and prominent in this area, sea kayaks would be the ideal method of crossing the lake and eyeballing the glacial walls, the Alaskan style.

Despite the dotted trails on most maps, you can’t walk around the northern shore of the lake unless you are able to tread on water or ice. These high Himalayan reaches inhabit the Himalayan Tahr (mountain goat) and the snow leopard, among other mammals. This is a splendid summer trek, equally rewarding as it is challenging. The Tilicho lake trek is among the finest treks of Nepal for determined trekkers, best experienced in the Monsoon. The trip ends in Jomsom with an early morning flight to Pokhara.


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