Palpa -One of the Nepal Hidden Treasure


Tansen is a picturesque hill town lying on the lap of the well-known Shrinagar Hills, headquarters of Palpa district. Tansen is also the hub of Midwest culture of Nepal. The charming natural setting combines with its rich cultural heritage to give visitors a wholesome holiday.

Tansen offers enchanting walks leading to interesting sites,whether it is a day of traverse around Shrinager Hills or few days backpacking along River Kaligaandki. In addition Tansen qualifies as a pilgrim’s choice, given its several Hindu temples.

Palpa is a seat of the Sen kingdom that ruled over this region from 16th century for almost 300 years, which gives ita historical touch.A speciality of the region is the much popular Palpali Dhaka, weaved here. The district varies from 250 to 2,000 meters of elevation, while Tansen is situated at 1,372 meters. Palpa is also near Lumbini, birthplace Lord Buddha, and the popular city of Pokhara.

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