Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu valley

According to legend, Kathmandu valley was once a huge lake surrounded by hills .it was Bodhisattva Manjushree from Tibet, on her Pilgrimage to the lake deemed sacred by the people of the time, drained the water from the lake by cutting a piece of a hill in the south, now known as Chobhar, with a magical sword. The lake thus became suitable for human settlement. Geological studies also suggest that Kathmandu valley used to be a huge lake in ancient period.

Kathmandu valley is bounded by hills from all sides. Phulchowk hill in the south is the highest point standing at an altitude of 2765 meters. Shivapuri in the north is2732 meters while Chandragiri in the highest southwest is 2561 meters and Nagarkot in the northeast is 2188 meters high.
Likewise, Chyampadevi in the west is 2322 meters, Nagarjung in northwest is 2097 meters and P0okhari Thumko in the southeast looms 2005 meters above sea level.

So near, yet so far from the noise, pollution and smog shrouded capital city, there are various activities like hiking and cycling that could be organized on the rim of Kathmandu valley.
Cultural and political heart of Nepal, the Kathmandu valley constitutes of three districts-Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The Landscape of green hills and the vista of Himalayan add to the attractions of this valley.

Cultural heritage is the principal identity of the Kathmandu valley that boasts of ancient temples, distinct cultur5e, arts and artifacts. The place is also a centre of faith for people from different religious backgrounds. The Pasupatinath temple, Krishna mandir and changunarayan temple are considered the important holy sites for Hindu devotees while the Buddhists consider Swayambhunath stupa and Boudhanath stupa sacred. There is a famous Jame Mosque for the Muslims and the city also has many churches built by the Christian community.

Festivals, tradition and rituals reflecting the uniqueness of Newar community of Kathmandu make the city even more attractive and alluring to its visitors.

Being the capital, Kathmandu is also the educational and commercial centre of the country. It is the melting point for people of all the religions, races and ethnic backgrounds.

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