Pashupatinath Temple- In Kathmandu

The Pashupatinath temple, which is located at Gaushala, Deupatan area of Kathmandu, is a major pilgrimage site for the Hindus. According to the4 religious scriptures, lord Pashupatinath is worshipped as the protecti8ve deity of the Hindus. The temple complex sprawls over a vast area that has around 490 temples and idols of different Hindu gods and goddesses and thousands of Shiva Lingam. The main temple houses a four-faced lingam of Lord Shiva. Likewise, the walls and structs in the vicinity of the temple are adorned with woodcrafts relating to Lord Shiva. According to traditional beliefs, the Shiva Lingam was established during the reign of king Supushpadev of the Lichhavi dynasty of suryavanishi lineage. Being a major religious site of the Hindus, millions of devotees come to Nepal every year to offer worship at the temple. Only Hindus are allowed to enter the temple.

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