Mt. Kailash Yatra an Overview 2015


Among other sites of natural splendor, Mount Kailas and its environs have a special symbolic value for Tibetans. The reigion has been an undisputed part of Tibet since the emergence of the Tibetan nation, while the sacred peak has equally long been a focus of spiritual inspiration. For the early Tibetans who were Bonpos, the area represented the place where shenrab Miwoche, the founder of their tradition, was born and gave teachings. Later it became an object of Buddhist  veneration. Legends associate it with the Buddha and his immediate followrers, with Guru Rinpoche, one of the pioneers of Buddhism in Tibet, and with Tibet’s rebowned aint, the yogi Milarepa. From the tantric view point too, many regard it as the abode of chakrasamvara.

For centuries Tibetans have made arduous pilgrimages, sometimes the entire breadth of the country, to glimpse the holy  peak abd perform religious practices at its foot . the fact that hindus and Jauns from India, who hold Mount Kailas in equal respect, albeit for different reasons, were free to purse  their own pilgrimages, is indicative of the brotherly rilations that always persisted between India and Tibet.

With the tragedy that overtook Tibet in recent years such practices became severely restricted and the surrounding temples and monuments were bdly damaged, as in the rest of the counter, However, lately, as conditions have been slightly relaxed and Tibetans permitted at least the outward trappings  of religious practice, they  have begun to journey to  Kalias one more. Despite the hardships involved, the monasteries and stupas are being rebuilt and people are again engaging in religious practices there. These encouraging signs reveal the enduring fascination of the mountain, the indomitable spirit of the Tibetan people, and the continuing strength of their religious outlook.

Readers of john Snelling’s  book,The Sacred Mountain will find accounts of foreign travellers and pilgrims to Mount Kailas. Find accounts of forign traveler and pilgrims to Mount Kailas. From these they may gain some sense of the awe – inspiring physical presence of the peak itself, and the spiritual that lead pilgrims to it.   

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