Kumari Devi - The Living Goddess of Nepal

    Kumari Devi-Living Goddess 

Kumari is a young girl with 32 stipulated features selected from the Shakya clan of Newar community and revered as the living goddess. Kumari is worshipped by both Hindu & Buddhist. It is believed that King Triloka Malla had seen Goddess Kumari in his dream, wherein she had aggred to teach him different Tantric powers on a condition he offered his prayers to her every day without letting others know. This secret was let out when the king’s daughter, Gangadevi, walked inside the room where her father worshipped Kumari. From that day on, it is said, kumara stopped giving direct blessing to the king and started appearing as an incarnation in a form of a young girl.

Buddhists revere Kumari as an incarnation of Vajra Devi and Hindus as an incarnation of Taleju Bhawani.

The Kumari must be at least 2 year4s old, a virgin, in immaculate health with unblemished skin, black or blues eyes, black hair with curls, brilliant white teeth, etc. The Kumari’s reign ends with her first period or any serious accidental loss of blood occurs or when she returns to the status of a normal person while the search starts for her successor.

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