Chordung Camping Trek ..8 Days

Chordung also known as Hanumante Peak trekking is positioned on the Kathmandu-Jiri Highway. There are various trekking routes in east Nepal which offers you a remarkable experience of witnessing magnificent view of nature as well as different types of human settlements along the trail but this trek has its own distinctiveness.
We have tried to accumulate as much as information exploring the inner zone of the Chordung and discovered that Hanumante is the highest peak among others in this area. This is a short course trekking southwest of the Rolwaling Valley. While trekking along the northern side of Jiri, the starting point of classic Everest trekking, is considered as an easy trekking route with the highest elevation of 3690 meters.
The beauty of the trek include enchanting views of long Himalayan Ranges such as Menlungtse (7181m) Number, Everest ridges and the rhododendron forests, the local Sherpa community and many more.
One whole daylong hectic drive will take you to Kauwa Danda considered as the starting point of the trek and ends at the bank of Tamakoshi River on the Jiri Highway. However, there are few other starting points introduced by different trekking/tour operators in these days combined with Chordung which does not really represent Chordung separately. Our primary goal is to promote this newly explored beautiful and effortless weeklong trek autonomously.
Rich in flora and fauna with many different species of orchids, over 250 species of birds, Himalayan monkeys, musk deer etc; Chordung is a home of many more wildlife. Also, one can observe the vivid colors of traditional Sherpa culture influenced by the ancient Tibetan festival and ceremonies as well.
The roadmap and information details of these destinations were not available but after the launch of new trails, trekkers will have proper maps and desired information.

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