Basantapur Visit


Basantapur is set up the enchanting surrounding of mountain and greenery. Offering excellent respite from city life, the diverse landscape includes terraced fields as well as plain land, which are covered by different types of vegetation. The mixed pastures, hills of colorful rhododendron and jasmine, beautiful sunrise and sunset, friendly people and rich Limbu culture offer additional appeal. Basantpur at 2,200 meters, also hotels trekkers on the way to Mt. Kanchenjunga in Taplejung and the popular Teenjure Milke- Jaljala Trail.

Basantapur is in Tehrathum district of Koshi Zone. It can be reached via Hile in Dhankuta district. Buses are available at Central Bus Station, Gongabu, in Kathmandu. Another option is to fly to Biratnagar and drive over to HileBazaar. Buses are available from Hile Bazaar to Basantapur.

Accommodation & Facilities
Budget hotels and moderate accommodation facilities are available in Basantapur Bazaar. There are many small hotels and restaurants in the area to center to local passersby. Camping sites are also available for trekkers. 
Other facilities are also available in Basantapur.

When to visit

The best times to visit are autumn and spring, between October-December or from February-April. The weather is cool and temperate here most times of the year, which makes Basantapur ideal for Visit anytime. Summers are pleasant with temperature ranging from 10 to 20-degree Celsius, while winters are not extreme even through temperaturs could sometimes fall below 0 degree.

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